Arecana Disposable Dinner Plates

Arecana, our range of bio-degradable disposable dinner plates for you to enjoy sumptuous warm meals in indoor and outdoor parties. You can relish your meals in these sturdy plates even while standing. Each product is designed and quality checked with care to give you a comfortable and easy to use experience.

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Arecana Disposable Snack Plates

Enjoy all your snacks in the wide range of Arecana snack plates with friends, family, and colleagues. Now you can host parties more often and anywhere. Don’t worry about the disposal of the snack plates. Use the squares for the young, fun-filled and happening parties and rounds for the intense conversational, traditional ones.

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Arecana Trays and Serveware

Use our range of Arecana trays and serveware for a fuss-free buffet counter or an outdoor picnic. Serve your starters in the boat shape, main course in rectangles and desserts in the rounds. Arecana serveware is easy to use, can be warmed in the microwave and directly served. You can even refrigerate the leftovers in Arecana serveware.

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Arecana Bowls

Enjoy your hot steaming soups and lentils in our Arecana bowl range. Arecana bowls do not get soggy and messy and hold the liquids for at least 3 hours. Our range of bowls can be also used to serve dips, sauces and delectable sweets.

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Arecana On the go Boxes

Pack your favourite meal for schools, office or while travelling. When there is no time for a sit down meal grab Arecana On the go boxes and have your meal anywhere. The lids of the boxes have dual purpose and can also be used as your plates.

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Arecana Cutlery and Glass

Save the planet from the single use plastic cutlery. Instead use our Arecana range of cutlery, glasses and straws. It is environment friendly and degrades naturally. ange

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Natural & Sturdy

Buffet friendly and yet sturdy


Chemical free & zero health hazard

Heat Resistant

Serve your hot gravies without worry

Technology Friendly

Warm your meal in the microwave & serve


Compost it & reduce pollution in your city

Social Footprint

Spend to create jobs in rural India